• 2019 A (6U) State Tournaments

    The 2019 "A" (6U) State Tournaments were awarded at the State Board meeting on October 28th.  "A" North wil be in Brookwood. "A" South will be in Troy. Both tournaments will begin on July 5th
  • 2019 Rookie State Tournaments

    Enterprise was the winning bidder for the 2019 Rookie State Tournaments.  Rookie State Tournaments will begin on July 5th.   
  • 2019 Rookie State Tournament bidding

    A league interested in exploring the possibility of bidding on one of the state tournaments MUST submit a ‘Letter of Interest to Bid’ to the State Director by OCTOBER 5, 2018.   The ‘Letter of Interest to B... More
  • 2019 Alabama State Tournaments

    2019 Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball State Tournament Hosts AA coach pitch DECATUR AMERICAN AAA MORGAN CO. O-ZONE DECATUR NATIONAL